• She Became

Business Week - Fern Creek

Today our She Became girls were joined by a few businesswomen located in Louisville. Hanna Sullivan of Ernst and Young spoke to the girls about her company, which works to reduce the risks and to advise startup companies to Fortune 500 companies. We were also joined by Jarui Desai, the Operations Director of the Droplet Water Project. She was able to give the girls a different perspective of business, as she works for a nonprofit. Jarui talked about all of the unique ways her organization is taking to globally provide access to clean water. Finally, Jordan Nelter spoke about being the Brand and Operations Manager at The New Blak, located in the Oxmoor Center. Her career choice stemmed from her love of both environmental sustainability and fashion. After their presentations, the girls began work on their project—they created new products to help solve problems in their communities and shared with the judges, similar to the TV show “Shark Tank.” This allowed the girls to create a brand, while also using their creativity and imagination. The businesswomen we were joined by reiterated to the girls that businesses are all about teamwork, and they would be more successful collaborating ideas off of their peers. The girls loved getting to create business ideas with one another! Finally, we want to give a huge thank you to Ernst and Young of Louisville for donating snacks, craft supplies, and goodie bags for all of the girls!