• She Became

Engineering Week - Fern Creek

This week we introduced engineering at She Became! We were joined by three women of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville. Lauren Tallio, a recent UofL graduate and current civil engineer, talked to the girls about her work for the Army Corps of Engineers. She works in flood management, which includes building dams and working on construction for projects based on environmental engineering. Next, Morgan Tallio discussed her industrial engineering path, which focuses on the business side of engineering. She works for Johnson and Johnson’s pharmaceutical company, Janssen, distributing pharmaceuticals. We were also joined by Camille Reyes, who is an electrical engineer for LG&E. She talked about circuit building, and even brought in a circuit for the students to see. The mentees were split up into teams for a fun competition! Each group was instructed to make the tallest, sturdiest structure using spaghetti noodles and marshmallows. The girls loved using their creativity to build the tallest tower (and eating the marshmallows, too!).