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First Week - CTM

UofL music therapy students Serita Lagos, Kayla Goodman, and Marypaige Taylor gave a short presentation on music therapy. We passed out drums and shakers to the girls and mentors. Serita led them through a drumming exercise/ drum circle. The music therapy students taught them a dance to “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys in which some of our mentees got to stand in the front and lead the group as well. Everyone sang along as well. We went into the other room, gave them their snack of oranges (They loved them). Then Serita played guitar and Marypaige sang “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten with the girls. They had printed the lyrics off on one side and the other side had the first verse and chorus with some of the lyrics left blank for the girls to fill in with their own lyrics. There was also a word bank at the bottom they could choose from. At the end, we sang the song together again but with our own lyrics. The point of this theme was not only to introduce music therapy to the girls, but to inspire confidence through music.